Critical Link International is committed to the advancement of community interpreting in the social, legal + healthcare sectors

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CL9 Preparatory Committee


Takayuki Oshimi: Conference Chair, International University of Health and Welfare

Naomi Morita: National Association for Medical Interpreters

Kinoe Tomohisa: Japan Institute of Global Health

Mayumi Sawada: Japan Institute of Global Health

Naoko Ono: Juntendo Univerisity

Yukiko Fujii: Council for Interpreter’s Quality and Competence

Special Thanks to: Momoe Tomono, Freelance Interpreter

CLI9 International Scientific Committee


Angela Sasso, President, Clitical Link International
Prof. Lluís Baixauli Olmos, University of Louisville, US
Prof. Makiko Mizuno, Kinjo University, Japan
Prof. Maria Wattne, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
Prof. María Ascension Aguilar Solano,Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
Prof. Michal Schuster, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Prof. Minoru Naito, Tokyo University of Foreign Language, Japan
Prof. Naoko Ono, Juntendo University,Japan
Prof. Paola Gentile, Catholic University of Leuven,  Belgium
Prof. Rika Yoshida, Rikkyo University, Japan
Prof. Tanya Voinov, Bar Ilan University, Israel