Speaker/Presenter Information for Oral/Poster presentation




Instruction for Oral Presenters (paper-panels-workshops)




As we shall be working to a tight timetable, please note that we need to be extremely strict regarding timekeeping. If you are delivering a standard paper, you will have 20 minutes to present your paper, plus around 5 minutes for questions/answers, and then followed by a few minutes for the changeover between speakers.




If you are managing a panel or workshop, please be aware that you must respect the time limits allocated to you.




Each room is equipped with a data projector and a built in PC, installed with Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, normally version 2010. Most rooms also have sound and HDMI connectors. Please confirm to the Conference Secretariat, if your presentation requires sound.




Apple Mac is not available. However, most rooms have a VGA connection which will enable you to use your own laptop if your Mac has a VGA connection. If you have any queries, please contact the Conference Secretariat.




Please bring your presentation on a USB memory stick in PowerPoint or other Microsoft compatible format, so that it be loaded onto the PC during the break prior to your session (e.g. before the start of the day’s program (8:00-9:00am) or during lunch break. This will ensure that there is time to deal with any technical problems which may arise and will avoid wasting any of the time allocated to your presentation.




If you wish to distribute handouts, we recommend that you bring these with you.


We are looking forward to your presentation!!














Poster Presentations




Critical Link International 9 is keen to stress the importance and strength of posters by offering two separate poster presentation sessions, on Day 1 and on Day2, with no competition from parallel presentation or other activities, as well as a session during lunch on Day 3.




We encourage researchers attending with a poster to prioritize the visual benefits of the poster, reducing the written presentation, in order to ensure discussion and interaction with fellow participants.




Poster will be displayed on dedicated poster boards around the main conference area throughout the conference. Please bring printed poster with you and contact receptionist at reception on the day and put posters for yourselves.


There are no dedicated poster presentation sessions to presentation, but delegates and exhibitors will also have the opportunity to view posters during break times and lunches.


Please include your contact information in your poster. Also, please put memo on the board to inform when you will be attending to present your poster.




Posters can be mounted between 17:00-20:30 on Friday 14th, and again between 8:00-18:30 on Saturday and Sunday 15th and 16.




Poster board will include A0 (841 x 1189mm) poster in longitudinal direction.




Please note that you should remove your poster at the end of the conference (i.e. between 18:30-19:00 on Day 3(June 16th). Any posters remaining at the end of the conference (19:00 on Day 3) will be disposed of.


We are looking forward to your presentation!!